• Transportation

    Road freight

    Our collaboration with a well-known transport company lets us employ experienced truck drivers who treat your shipment with the greatest care. Air-cooled shipments, groupage or express services can all be covered by ExpoFlex.

    Sea freight

    Whether you have a fully loaded container or one small package to be shipped, we always look for the solution that fits your need. Our partner is one of the biggest sea freight carriers in the world and offers the possibility to ship your parcel at very affordable rates. The short transit time is also one of the big advantages.

    Air freight

    Together with our partners, we aim at finding the most effective airline for you with the best connections and best rates to guarantee that your shipment will be delivered on time.

    Logistics support


    Storage and handling also make part of our service package. We possess a secured warehouse of more than 500 m². As such, your goods can temporarily be stored before or after your exhibition participation.

    Onsite coordination

    In case you would like professional advice during the preparation of your participation to an exhibition or event, we can assist you in mapping the entrance and storage possibilities of the chosen location.


    When you want to export or import your goods to countries outside the EU, you will have to make sure that you possess valid documents. ExpoFlex can help you obtain the right documents and complete them so you can focus on your main activity



    Are you planning to attend or organize an event? Do not hesitate to contact ExpoFlex, as we can offer a total package in order to take care of the complete logistic activities.

    Your material will be collected at your warehouse (or that of your supplier) and delivered at the destination that you specified. The transport, with all related administration, will be handled by us for you. The only thing you need to do is to unpack your goods so you have more time to prepare for your meetings. After each participation everything will be collected again and you can leave your booth with peace of mind. All the materials that you wish to return will be delivered to you at the agreed time.

    If between several participations you don’t need to check or adjust your materials, we can store it in the meantime. So you don’t need to incur costs for unnecessary transport.

    Expoflex can assist you with the following types of events:

    • Fairs / exhibitions
    • Conferences
    • Conventions
    • Seminars
    • Festivities
    • Company events

    Total package:

    • Preparatory planning
    • Transport
    • Customs and administrative assistance
    • Delivery on booth
    • Renting of additional equipment (forklift, crane, …)
    • Storage of empty packaging
    • Return logistics